Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Printed Funk's very own Mad Kids


To clarify the headline, Max (long time co-musician and good friend) and me Zach (Not Your Real Dad) are making music under the name Mad Kids. Here is our Take It Back remix originally produced by italian trio Three Is A Crowd. We will be posting some more tracks in the next few weeks until then you can check our myspace out by Clicking Here. Hope you like it, you're more then welcome to let us know what you think by the way. I will also be playing at Saphir  (3600 St-Laurent near  avenue Des Pins) this Thursday with resident dj La Débauche (Rooftop Fistfights) for his Knightrider weekly event. It's on the Last Floor ( because Saphir is already on the second floor of the building) so make sure to come and say hi or just wild out on the dancefloor instead. 

Take It Back (Mad Kids Remix) -Three Is A Crowd

Mad Kids on Myspace

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