Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Solo : We Are The Midgets EP


This London-based producer definitely know how it's done. His new EP We Are The Midgets, contains 3 excellent original tracks. I personally bought the EP and if I had to choose, I would say Afreaka is my favorite of all 3. Solo also happens to co-run Deadfish Record with non-other than fellow UK embassador Mowgli (which I mentioned in an earlier post). A sibling is also underway for Deadfish Records. Freshfish Records, is what you could call a second division of Deadfish and will be releasing what they call Midget House, who is described as, quote: "small and funny"- Mowgli. Technically We Are Midgets is released under Freshfish, but is filed under Deadfish at Anyway, keep an eye on both.

Afreaka - Solo

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